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Will Yacon Syrup Help With Weight Loss?

Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup is a new supplement on the market. It is taken from the root of the Yacon plant which is found in South America. This plant has been used for a number of years to treat diabetes and digestive troubles. This natural supplement has found its way to the United States.

The results of this supplement have been encouraging. Dr. Oz conducted a test with 60 women. He gave them e-yaconsyrup.com and tracked their progress to see if it would help with weight loss.

The syrup is created when the root of the Yacon plan is heated then evaporated. The syrup will have a sweet taste but does not contain sugar. It is a great substitute for sugar and has only seven calories per serving.

Dr. Oz found that this syrup will help with weight loss. Yacon will help the body make good fat instead of bad fat. This will help speed up the metabolism. The participants were given one teaspoon of Yacon syrup three times a day before each meal. They did not have to change their diet or exercise program at all.

Forty women complete the project. Many reported they felt full faster so they ate less. Twenty nine women lost weight and 14 lost five pounds of more. This was a realistic way to lose weight without making a change in diet or increasing exercise rates.

Dr. Oz may not endorse Yacon syrup he is encouraging people to try it on their own. In addition to helping a person lose weight this syrup can lower blood sugar levels. It can also lower bad cholesterol levels which are important for overall good health. Yacon syrup is similar to a soluble fiber which is good for the digestive track. Many women have reported more frequent and less painful bowel movements.

Yacon Syrup: What to look for

There are many products out there, and very few with poor reviews. Just look on Amazon and you’ll see that there are over 200 products but on the first page of Amazon, there are just 190 reviews for the 16 products. So it’s in its infancy, but I’m delighted not to see our beloved Dr Oz’s name splashed all over them – as we all know, he doesn’t promote specific brands so know that if you’re looking at a version that says it’s Dr Oz approved or verified.

There is a tea product made from the leaves of yacon, which is said to be anti-diabetic. There is no human evidence for this claim and due to at least one study noting kidney damage associated with the tea (kidney damage tends to reduce glucose levels in the blood), it is thought that this underlies the supposed anti-diabetic effects and consumption of the tea is not recommended.

Researchers have determined that the health benefits of Yacon syrup go beyond weight loss in that it aids digestion and appears to regulate blood sugar levels in obese pre-menopausal women with insulin resistance. As a sugar substitute Yacon syrup is also beneficial in that it contains only 7 calories per teaspoon.

Even doctors suggest this item as well as have also done experiments to examine the plantar fasciitis. The driving test and trails led to positive outcomes therefore exists an increasing number of consumers who intends to slim down around the world. one can claim that the costs are likewise really affordable and there is no one grumbling till date about the product. One could claim that it is really easy to put on weight any kind of day. With all the delicious food selection out there with all the heavy ingredients that a person can locate it is extremely tough to resist the meals that is spread out there. As well as to make matter much worse the depressing point is that there is very much less possibility or opportunity for any person to sweat out the hefty calories that a person absorbs the food.

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